20 May 2015

Allan + Nicole Maternity

Nicole and Allan– we’ve been lucky enough to be able to know them apart, and then to know them together. And they are so awesome together. Their engagement photos were one of the first engagement sessions we ever shot in Washington Park (since then there have been MANY more). Their wedding was one of our first wedding ever shot under the name Larrison Photography, and now we were lucky enough to be able to shoot their maternity photos. It’s been such an amazing thing to see them come together and grow as a couple, and now we get to see them start a family. So excited to meet their new addition, Keller, in just under a month!


26 Aug 2014

Courts Family

Man oh man– we love that Court’s family. For Jolene’s 6 month photos we decided to go to Washington Park and have fun with the whole family! It was so awesome.

Chris and Sal take a moment to put on some serious faces.

Jolene snatches her dad’s glasses.

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how amazing Lisa’s hair is right now?

Look at those BLUE eyes!

And then we threw Jolene in her first swing ever! And she was a total champ!

Sal did a pretty good job being a-freaking-dorable too.

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