16 Jun 2014

Shoppe Class | Braided Tresses

Over the last few months we’ve been busy.

Shooting weddings, engagements, family pictures, a few cats and more than a dozen pictures of Corey posing behind the scenes like this:


But something we’ve been really busy with (and REALLY excited about) is a little cooperative called Shoppe Class.

Shoppe Class is essentially an effort to bring Cincinnati creatives together to share their talents and abilities with others. Spearheaded by a fierce graphic designer/mom named Julie Otten, Shoppe Class will be hosting monthly classes where a local artisan comes in to teach a particularly helpful skill from their trade. The goal is to pass on some practical skill that anyone could use to lead a more creative and productive life.

This month Soppe Class is offering a class on braiding hair by Carolyn Oxley of Hair Factoree. There are a limited 20 spots to the event and REGISTRATION just started today!

We’ve been taking a lot of pictures (which you can see at shoppeclass.com) and shooting a lot of videos. Here’s a short video we shot to promote this months event:

Being apart of Shoppe Class has been awesome. It’s been an incredible opportunity for us to expand our skill set and photograph some amazing people and their artistic endeavors. We’re proud to be a part of it!

30 Dec 2013

New website!

Our resolution for 2014 was to put together this website. So we did!

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