3 Jul 2014

Lizz + Justin’s Engagement

Lizz and Justin are so awesome together. Photographing them was so easy and fun, and their love for one another is so obvious. Watching couples have fun together and just laugh a ton on engagement sessions is so great– and that’s pretty much what we did all night!

They are having a quick quick quick engagement and getting married in August, and we can’t wait to be a part of that celebration as well!

Our evening started off at Mount Storm park, where we were graced with some seriously amazing light.

I mean seriously. amazing. light.

Lizz and Justin were total troopers and braved the weeds for some great shots.

Justin even went full “blue steel” for us. It was pretty epic.

This A-FREAKING-DORABLE dog/stuffed animal hybrid wanted to be in some pictures. We were SO beyond tempted to just stick him in the camera bag and keep him forever. But, we compromised with the owners for a few photos. I like how Lizz and this dog have the same awesome hair.

Then we headed to OTR to take some shots in the city! Lizz and Justin both volunteer at Wesley Chapel in OTR, and are so dedicated to seeing awesome things happen in Cincinnati– so we wanted to be sure to head down there for a bit!

We hit this parking garage at JUSTTT the right hour, and the light was AMAZING. We love it when that happens.

For the last stop of the evening, we headed back to Highlands Coffee Shop– right in Clifton. This is a really special spot because this is right where Justin proposed! And I mean right– it’s the exact same table and everything.

And then… milkshakes. This is probably going to be a standard thing in every engagement session we do from now on. Because it was awesome.

A little practice for the cake smash in a month!

And from now on, we will be accepting milkshakes in lieu of money. Just pay us in milkshakes. Seriously.

Justin and Lizz– you two are awesome, thanks for letting us be a part of your engagement and wedding. We are SO excited to watch you get married!!!!

3 Jul 2014

Louis + Eleanor’s Wedding

We so loved being a part of this amazing day. Louis and Eleanor have been friends of ours for many years, and when they asked us to photograph their wedding, we said HELL YEAH.

Nothing like a great photobomb to start off the day.

Corey took the guys. They wanted to ride powerwheels.

And then stand in a river. Nobody fell in.

All day it was raining on and off, so Corey unofficially became Lord of the Umbrellas.

The program girls were beautiful, the ushers were weird. The wedding was amazing.

A precious first dance…

And then the madness ensued.

This was such a great day with such great people– we are honored to have been a part of it. Thanks Eleanor and Louis, we are SO happy for you guys!

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